Guest Post-On the Tudor Trail

A three part series on needlework and the Tudors. Thanks to Natalie for hosting the series, in celebration of the release of Seven Will Out!

Part One talks about samplers, first mentioned in writing by the Tudors’s own Elizabeth of York.  Embroidering reproduction samplers is a hobby of mine; here is my most recent effort, entered in the 2014 Appalachian Fair.



Top Ten Portraits of Elizabeth I, and Why She Was Ahead of Her Time

#10     Elizabeth I playing the lute, by Nicholas Hilliard

lute 2download

Setting the pace for rocking string instruments and hopeless relationships.  Eat your heart out, Taylor Swift.


#9     The Pelican Portrait, attributed to Nicholas Hilliard


Beating clothes horse Joan Crawford (mommy dearest) to the fashion punch on shoulder pads by several centuries.


#8     The Ermine Portrait, by Nicholas Hilliard


More badass than Ernest Borgnine when it came to vermin crawling around.


#7     The Ditchley Portrait, by Marcus Gheeraerts the Younger

liz hipships lie

Proving Shakira wrong on hips and their credibility, and in a big way.


#6     The Hardwick Portrait, by Nicholas Hilliard and his workshop

liz fishdownload

Posing with sea creatures before posing with sea creatures was cool.


#5     The Coronation Portrait, unknown artist

coronationimages (1)

Not waiting for permission from Teddy Roosevelt to start packing.


#4     Portrait of Elizabeth I with a fan, by an unknown artist


Way out in front of Cher on feathers and flowing headdresses, not to mention going by first name only.


#3     Elizabeth I – Older, by Marcus Gheeraerts the Younger

old lizhelen

Proudly looking one’s age long before Helen Mirren even being of age.


#2     Princess Elizabeth, by William Scrots

pink lizpretty

Knowing well in advance of the Big 80s that nothing is sweeter than redhead-in-a-pink-dress sweet.


#1    The Rainbow Portrait, by Isaac Oliver

orange lizdownload (1)

Not waiting for the advent of college football and Peyton Manning to ‘Go Big Orange.’


Dear Old Dad


Reading a chick book for your daughter’s sake – now that is love.  My dad, age 86, is reading the proof of “Seven Will Out”.  He liked the part about Christopher Marlowe. He managed to make his way through the pages that talk about dresses, farthingales, and corsets, but it wasn’t easy for him. He will be much more at home with the mystery and political strategy that come next. Not to mention so much more that is in store!

“Seven Will Out” will be available on Amazon later this week.