Top Ten Portraits of Elizabeth I, and Why She Was Ahead of Her Time

#10     Elizabeth I playing the lute, by Nicholas Hilliard

lute 2download

Setting the pace for rocking string instruments and hopeless relationships.  Eat your heart out, Taylor Swift.


#9     The Pelican Portrait, attributed to Nicholas Hilliard


Beating clothes horse Joan Crawford (mommy dearest) to the fashion punch on shoulder pads by several centuries.


#8     The Ermine Portrait, by Nicholas Hilliard


More badass than Ernest Borgnine when it came to vermin crawling around.


#7     The Ditchley Portrait, by Marcus Gheeraerts the Younger

liz hipships lie

Proving Shakira wrong on hips and their credibility, and in a big way.


#6     The Hardwick Portrait, by Nicholas Hilliard and his workshop

liz fishdownload

Posing with sea creatures before posing with sea creatures was cool.


#5     The Coronation Portrait, unknown artist

coronationimages (1)

Not waiting for permission from Teddy Roosevelt to start packing.


#4     Portrait of Elizabeth I with a fan, by an unknown artist


Way out in front of Cher on feathers and flowing headdresses, not to mention going by first name only.


#3     Elizabeth I – Older, by Marcus Gheeraerts the Younger

old lizhelen

Proudly looking one’s age long before Helen Mirren even being of age.


#2     Princess Elizabeth, by William Scrots

pink lizpretty

Knowing well in advance of the Big 80s that nothing is sweeter than redhead-in-a-pink-dress sweet.


#1    The Rainbow Portrait, by Isaac Oliver

orange lizdownload (1)

Not waiting for the advent of college football and Peyton Manning to ‘Go Big Orange.’